A mind of it’s own

Heard it said that the heart has a mind of its own.  Sounds paradoxical.  Mind is logical, unfeeling.  Heart is feeling, not analytical.  Two different places in me.

But I don’t think I can separate either.  My decisions are a head thing that is guided by my heart; my feelings are a heart thing that are actioned by my mind.

Guess the heart has a mind of its own and the mind has a heart of its own.

Or is it that they work in tandem?  A decision made without consulting the heart may seem brutal.  A feeling that overflows without reason can seem excessive.

Perhaps the threefold chord is needed.   A mind and heart ruled not by themselves, but by the Holy Spirit.  Saves me from uncaring logic and unrestrained sentimentality.

artistic blossom bright clouds

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Guard your heart for out of it come the well spring of life.  Renew the spirit of my mind.

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