When it seems misty

4D5376AC-0F20-4766-9EE4-7FEADF68E70D.jpegOn my way to Llandudno. Misty, moisty, morning. Mist rising from fields, draped on trees. It is mysteriously beautiful. I know this route so well, but hard to tell where I am.

I sometimes feel like this.

Trust Him. He will be like Shasta’s companion on the lonely, misty mountain to Archenland. He will gently walk by you all the way, keeping you company, keeping you safe. A gentle stretch of our faith. He will not let you go. And we know from experience that when this most lifts, it’ll be a bright and uplifting day and we will bask in the blue sky and sunshine.

‘Trust and obey,

for there’s no other way,

to be happy in Jesus,

just to trust and obey.’

4 thoughts on “When it seems misty

  1. The way you write is beautiful and inspiring. I find it really articulate and gentle but also so strong and focused in how you hone in on the heart of an issue. Reading your posts has been really encouraging for me tonight. I love how naturally you seem to grasp the spiritual importance of the details and small moments of this life. I am really grateful for this as I seem to just be head down muscling through with my forhead at the moment. I hope that makes sense but this sense of perspective is refreshing. Thank you.

    I’ll never forget the times you read the Narnia stories to me. Those memories are really precious. Calv


    1. Diolch Calv. That is so encouraging to me too. I know what you mean about muscling through. Sometimes it is one foot, hour, task, after the next. Learning to just be is hard for me. Ps 131 answers a lot. Also looking back and seeing where I’ve come. Xx


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