Darkness is just unformed light



Sometimes I dread the darkness of January. I know the days will begin to lengthen, but the waiting seems endless. The void seems so limiting. Empty of life and hope.

I was thinking about what God says in Isaiah. ‘I form light and I create darkness’ (Is 45 v 7 – NRSV). So …. both light and dark are from Him. Interesting. And if this is so, both are creative spaces. Light clearly is full of life and growth. The dark is not empty; it is just waiting. It is alive with possibility of future light. It just needs a spark to light up, and the darkness will, must, recede.

So I stare into the darkness, into the empty spaces of hopelessness and despair.   I go for a walk.  I smile, perhaps say hello. I stop and take in the moment. I think about now and what I can do and be now.  I steadily shine a light into the darkness. It doesn’t scare me anymore. It is just unformed light.